27 julho 2011

#weekly outfits

Amy é uma garota rica e muito bem resolvida, por isso ela amou a coleção Resort da Balmain.
Ela é tão fotogenica.
Esse é um pequeno tribulto a Ms. Winehouse. R.I.P.

22 julho 2011

I'm not that typical baby

 This is my new acquisition: a (fake) leather jacket, from Zara. I'm completely in love with it and not even cost me $150 *.* love love love.

Esta es mi nueva compra: una chaqueta de cuero (falso), Zara. Estoy completamente enamorado de ella y ni siquiera me costó $150 *.* love love love

19 julho 2011


In my first wish-list, we have the fabulous boots and lace-up spring/summer 2011 of Prada. *.* A (rich) DREAM *.*

And a song to match with this Italian moment haha :) Americano - Lady Gaga

18 julho 2011


 I was sick and I can summarized this weekend in HP. So, I decided remember a little bit of Harry's history in Hogwarts. I'm sorry, I'm not a geek, just like it haha.

Friday: HP and the Philosopher's Stone/HP and the Chamber of Secrets.

Saturday: HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban/HP and the Goblet of Fire

Sunday: HP and the Phoenix Order/HP and the Half-blood Prince/HP and the Deathly Hallows part1
Today: Well, today I'm feeling better, so ... HP and the Deathly Hallows part2.